Stop The Shame

Stop the Shame!!
Excuse me, because this is going to be one hell of a rant. I am not man bashing or am I trying to decapitate the essence of man. Right, this is about what occurred sometime end of last year, at the 4th street combi rank. 
A bunch of misogynistic hooligans made a catastrophe out of a seam that was above the knees. These animals defranchised from the felicity of mere civilisation, slut shaming a woman for what she CHOSE to wear. These thieves robbing us of the freedom to entitlement, expression and CHOICE. I cannot even begin to describe the fury that consumed my soul when I watched the video clip of these anthropopithecus’ trying to rip her panties off! Gosh, I was submerged in horror, shock not to mention disgust! A mob of rabid men screaming their unprecedented opinions, critiques and faux self-help assertions on female dressing: rather preposterous, ridiculous, ignoramus and irrelevant.
I mean the same women who birthed you are the same women that you shame and strip naked in public? The women whose bodies self-dislocated to pave a way for you to squirm comfortably through the birth canal? Ura mapako unozvara mbava nevaroyi? Is this how you treat your mothers, daughters and sisters? Kutiza danga kuita mombe yemashanga? What the entire fuck is wrong with you? Why do we have legions of psychopathic-gollum-bush-pigs-walking-free in our streets? Morons on rampage, charlatan behaviour all rolled up in a filthy swine, is this the zombie apocalypse? Huh?
We cannot even feel safe in the streets. You are plagued with looks of disdain from fellow females, and you question the ferocity of this handicapped society. The impression is so poignant that they dare you with a look and gesture. You can just pray that may the ignorant hatred be appeased in their savage hearts. May the contemplation of so many marvels extinguish in them the desire of stupid vengeance. Honestly, there is nothing as frustrating as being oppressed by pea brained scums beneath the shit in unfortunate vessels of flesh and blood.
Kudos to the gallant gentleman who shielded this lady from these revolting beings worse than the bodily waste of diarrhea. He is a man amongst men and a representative of hope in this glum society. I am glad that, the culprits are remanded in custody. Rest in Peace to their anal sphincters as they are ruptured by fellow cannibals. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Let my skirt ride up my thighs, it is none of your business. It’s my body. It’s my right. I wear what I want. STOP THE SHAME.


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  1. The passion in this rant was everything. It is so disgusting that people do this. I felt a heaviness in my heart when I read what these disgusto’s did. But I found solace in your anger and humor in your wit. That’s what saved for day. Issues such as these are enormously upsetting.

    1. Aww thank you for reading! Its such an upsetting topic! And its happening around us every singly day! But as we stay making noise about it, the more attention these issues will have.
      Thank you K!

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