Dear Munopa

Dear Munopa: By Wadzanai Majoni
Human nature I often ponder, on its complexities, why do we tear each other? I mean am not a perfect soul, but hey how can a decent human being abandon his/her own flesh and blood? We are better than that, though most animals rear their offspring much better than members of my species putting us to shame. More to the point guys lets nurture and build our future generations.
Reactions vary once they know you are heaven forbid a single mom, you are triangle in a group of squares, a basic misfit. And we wonder why she put her baby in a suitcase. We fake outrage, lest we forget we are a matchstick to the combustible fumes of emotional state for fear of isolation and communities toward the pregnant young woman. Out casting the poor souls, without a support system eventually crack while we stare, with hateful glowing eyes. Later we try to decipher the codes, while we analyse and add it all up like Einstein. I feel for the heartbroken, for my weary fellow lady, for in a sense I was once in her shoes. Be bold those who are confounded will in the end comprehend.
So I am screaming out to you, be valiant, vibrant, hard-core and gentle. I see and appreciate my efforts through the eyes of my daughter. Her hugs melt my wrecked heart: gelling it back together. My sunshine one day you will teach humanity how to be human again. For now enjoy the simple pleasures, the zephyr and the pitter patter of the rain. As we journey on its smiles throughout life’s miles, you make motherhood worth a while my love.

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