Love Shed Abroad this Christmas

Saturday the 6th was one of the best days in the year 2014. It’s the acts of giving, efforts to make this world a better place and love given out without inhibition that makes life worth a shot. The euphoria of stepping out to bring about a positive resolution. It’s an orgasm, a peak of pleasure, the crown, swimming endorphins and happiness that cannot be rightfully expressed.
It all started at church, when a list of care giving institutions were put up for sponsorship. Randomly I chose Zimbabwe Tariro Organisation (Rehabilitation Centre for Psychiatric Persons). So I took down the details, telephoned the patron and I told him that I wanted to sponsor a Christmas party for the institution. What fuelled my passion was the enthusiasm and excitement that exuded from the other line. Apparently I was the only person who had come forth to do something for Christmas and I quote “Mwari ave nemi sisi, shuwa you are an angel sent from God” I made it my priority that by end of November I would have fulfilled my pledge.
Somehow in my spirit I felt compelled to visit the place. I found myself there and what I saw really touched my soul. One of the nurses took me for a tour around the institution. The inmates hung mostly in the common room where they played cards, watched TV, etcetera. I noticed how badly they were in need of proper clothing, food, toiletries and bed linen. They were surviving on meagre donations. It hit me, how we take for granted the privilege to access basic needs. I informed my Pastor if we could get the congregation to donate clothes, blankets and food stuffs. This is a project still in the pipeline that will sure flourish beginning of 2015.
Saturday morning I had planned on having a turnt day with my sister when I received a phone call from Tariro. They were having their Christmas party late that afternoon and I was guest of honour. I thought of making an excuse seeing my plans slowly slipping into the drain but I thought I will just pass by for a few then leave. I was an hour late only to realise they hadn’t started the party because they were waiting for me! I passed my sincere apologies and opened the party with a prayer. The Dj dropped it like its hot and hell, the turnt up I had planned for my Saturday materialised right before me. I am telling you those people know how to bring the house down! I tried dancing with them but I could not keep up. We enjoyed a hearty meal of rice, chicken and veg salad. We were spoiled with snacks and drinks. The air was saturated with merriment, i sat and watched and thought, I made this happen. It warmed my heart.
I made quite an acquaintance with a guy named Spence who did not waste time to propose his undying love for me. How could I refuse such a perfect gentleman? By the time I left the party we were happily engaged lmao! Everything that happened got my chest tight. I went home exhausted from all the dancing but it was a day well spent. Next year am going to do more, Tariro home for psychiatric persons is my baby now. I know I made a difference this Christmas.

Merry Christmas. Do something charitable this season. God Bless.

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