May 17th!

If anything, ITS PINK FRIDAY HOE! On my effing birthday! My whatsapp, twitter, facebook, kik, liveprofile and viber blowin up with birthday messages. I am touched, should i recommend a therapist? I mean my cyber life is takin over my real life cause in actual fact, no one had the courtsey to call. Well except for my boyfriend. Or thats how the word has become handicapped by technology? Its 2013, in 1999, 2013 should be by now a futurisic world of sci fi madness. Hologram telecomunication, spaceships and cheese that looks like birth control pills. We might as well skype and watch each other take tequila shots or water pretending to be tequila. See, what life has become?!!!

Now i got my facebook wall stained with all these birthday wishes! Do u know how hard i keep my posts in a chronological and sequential order? Now i have birthday messages coming in after every minute destroying all the work,the series of my sarcastic humour. Dammit.

Raging Barbie

Nevertheless, am thankful of my family, my mother who woke me up early mo screamin like the actual day she gave birth to me. Bless her! My lil sis and her husband who jumped on my bed singin happy birthday.I was nice enough not to sing along or they would have died from my deadly mornin breath. My lil bro who made sho before he left for school that i was wide awake while he blasted  2 chainz ” All I Want For My Birthday Is a Big Booty Hoe!” Charming.
Imma jump out spoil myself at the beauty parlour before drowning myself in a bottle of vodka. Its my birthday i can get high if i want to and party if i want to!! With all that being said i wanna say thank u to everyone who remembered me today. You guys rock!! Line up the shots! \-/ \-/ \-/ \-/ *gulps shot, chews and swallows lemon*

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