I Think My House Is Haunted

I have watched an insane amount of horror movies in my life to nurture a mild phobia of encountering paranormal manifestions. So, we moved into a new house and my paranoia was buzzing. A cute Scandinavian style cottage hidden in a thicket of trees was going to be our home. I loved it but the... Continue Reading →

Modern Lobola Aethesticism

The sun emerged from the jagged hill tops, washing the acreage of pasture land with a golden fluorescence. Topless maidens make a beeline following a path to a cluster of mud huts, while balancing clay pots of water on their heads with graceful equipoise. Their waists sway in balletic rythm and fluid elegance. Arriving at... Continue Reading →

Rogue On 2020

Hey you, it is I, Makaitah Rogue your favorite blogger here to fill your meagre purses with the usual sarcastic impudence and literary prowess. I know you missed me but I saw it fit to take a break in the month of December 2019, as I indulged in regrettable profligacy and wasteful extravagance. I thereby... Continue Reading →

Tawanda Chirewa Debut to Professional Football

Tawanda Chirewa is a 16-year old Zimbabwean midfielder, based in East England, Essex. A talented young man who reiterates that when passion precedence talent coupled with a display of impeccable work ethic, a legend is made. Something about his gait that defines the demeanor of a superstar. His play linked with great pace and intelligence... Continue Reading →

A Clap Back at Dr. Guramatunhu

I like minding my business, it is a mantra that unclogs the mind, even the smallest and most dissimulated thought that does not concern me: Is aggressively ignored. (something about resisting the devil and fleeing) A pilgrimage worthy of an absolute sound mind that churns efficacious thoughts. So,  Monday morning around 3am, I set to travel... Continue Reading →

Old School Music Friday!!!

Okay, I don't do this every Friday, but I have a vibe today and it's old school hip-hop and R&B vibe. See, I am listening to this playlist that takes me way back and I am having such a fun nostalgic day. I thought what the hell lemme spread the happiness mojo. Anyone who knows... Continue Reading →

The Culture of Whoredom Re-Up: PODCAST

So, my podcast is back and thriving! If you were not in the know, yours truly has a podcast, The Culture of Whoredom: launched in August this year. Upon realization that the episodes were piss poor and subpar, I deactivated the whole thing. I don’t do mediocre, period. My ears bled by just listening to... Continue Reading →

A Call On Death – By uBu

She felt lost and alone, lying in her bed facing the ceiling with no zeal. She didn't want to move, she didn't want to pick up her phone to respond to messages, she didn't even like the sound of her voice in her head. She yearned for the peace that came with death, at least... Continue Reading →

Free The Rectum

Plugged in like a cork in the neck of a champagne bottle Please ease the bowels full throttle Rip it up, farts are the screams of trapped poo Churn the contents of the rectum into goo A slight tear, rectal bleeding  Anal sphincters squeeze tight, wear you like a ring An oath to a laxative... Continue Reading →

A Day With Makaitah

I was thinking about today's blog post, so I decided to live blog about my Monday and here we are. Today I was late for work ( I hope my boss doesn't bump into this ) and I knew I had set precedence for a really bad day. First of all, while I was trying... Continue Reading →

Be Rogue

The thirties have given me a gift, a morsel of philanthropy that has made life exciting and unexpectedly a breeze. In true altruism, I will share this philosophy on a rogue approach to life that transcends to genuine happiness. We spend most of our lives fighting ourselves, fighting who we are because humanity set behavioral... Continue Reading →

Stop Chasing A Nut

Let's talk about sex, woo its about to get hot in here because I am going in UNCENSORED. If you missed it, that was a disclaimer. Sex is part of human nature that has been stigmatized by a lot of factors, such as the threat of diseases/violence, religion, misogyny, unwanted pregnancies, and societal strain. A big... Continue Reading →


The acrimony of the Gorgon Medusa A  mythology, the triangle of Bermuda The fury of the wind and swiftness of lightning , save us Saint Lucia The gods can't hear our cries, ears deadened even of Bhuda Her eyes a deep aquamarine green, the beauty of a goddess yet so gruesome Medusa slain by her own rumination.... Continue Reading →

The Dusk of My Sekuru

 Augustine Patrick Ndoro - 28 August 1934 - 5 September 2019 The tragedy of preparedness is an illusion and sophistry that effaces itself when reality kicks in. Sekuru Ndoro's impending death gave a false sense of closure for everyone that loved him. We hung on hope for more days with him, despite the fact that... Continue Reading →

The Diary of a Weeping Widow 2

Previously on The Diary of a Weeping Widow The melancholy that hung in the air was so thick you could almost slice it with a knife; ironically this is the exact sober ambiance that reverberated in the entire 22 years with this man. Gazing at his corpse I fought the urge to slam the casket door... Continue Reading →

The Diary of a Weeping Widow

The shit thing about falling in love is the fact that you cannot use logic to determine emotional decisions. The heart is verbatim of mental nearsightedness. The vision of a heart approximates seeing through Venetian blinds. The second the heart pilot's judgment and resolutions, you are fucked. Why must we lose all senses in the... Continue Reading →

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